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The Banburyshire Tennis Project aims to grow participation in tennis across North Oxfordshire, and neighbouring villages through more people playing more tennis more regularly.

North Oxfordshire is growing – fast! Tennis is a popular sport across the area with town and village tennis clubs hosting thousands of hours of tennis from Juniors to adults and seniors of all levels. Match leagues, local tennis ladders and schemes to introduce people back to tennis or new to tennis, as well as new cardio tennis all provide a wide offer to those wanting to participate in the sport. 

BUT! Our region has only 3 public courts for non members to use, all in Banbury central. We also have no indoor or covered courts to make the sport attractive to all across the year. 

Our aim is to change that!

Who are we? – We are a group of leaders and members of tennis clubs across the area around Banbury, as well as leaders from local authority and sports bodies, including the LTA. We’re fed up with seeing children fall in love with the sport, then fall out of love when the winter comes. We also have a desire to improve the facilities for our players, grow the numbers participating, and make the game more accessible. 

What does it look like?Well, it’s two things. Firstly a new tennis facility in Banbury with indoor courts, accessible by all, and providing year round tennis for individuals, groups, teams, club members from the area, and school children. 

Secondly, it’s a centre of excellence for tennis provision. A centre where talented players can be recognised, compete against others at their level, and receive high quality coaching. It will also provide a centre for schools in the area to introduce children to the sport, and for the public to play. A place for groups to learn and play tennis with players at a similar level. 

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